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We have a passion for history and heritage and believe that it is best experienced and explored through the arts. By ‘arts’ we include theatre, dance, music, photography, film. When people – young and older – get involved with us in discovering the rich past that sits on their doorstep, it is an exciting and sometimes even life changing experience. That experience is enhanced by sharing the history and heritage with others through an original play, a documentary film, an photographic exhibition, a choreographed piece of dance, a commemorative evening shared with a local audience, or even a beautifully designed illustrated book.

We can help you produce all of these artistic outcomes. How? Well we are a small team with a big reach. Lesley Ford is an award-winning theatre director, a specialist in school drama and manager of large-scale music events. Mike Levy is a playwright with a passion for history; he is a Fellow in Holocaust Education with the Imperial War Museum, London and is currently enhancing his skills with a diploma in local history studies at Cambridge University.  Kate Molloy is a highly talented graphic designer with a special love of book design.

We three at Keystage Arts and Heritage also have an enormous network of specialists that we can call upon for our projects: history academics, musicians, professional actors and producers, authors, choreographers, composers, film makers and movie directors. We like to think of ourselves as the tip of the history and arts iceberg!


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